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ASTC Lunch & Learn

Today’s forward thinking corporations are realizing that employee health is an important aspect of employee workplace satisfaction. Alpine strongly believes that a healthy, pain free, relaxed employee is a happier and more productive employee! With an active lifestyle, injuries can happen. Find out how and why it is best to jump on an injury as soon as it happens! And why an Athletic Therapist is the best choice when you want to return to your activity fast!

Although Massage Therapy is a common form of treatment, many people are unfamiliar with Athletic Therapy. Our team would like to introduce and educate your employees about the benefits and advantages of Athletic Therapy. Athletic Therapists specialize in prevention, immediate care and rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries. We treat both sport and non-sport injuries with an active approach, through hands-on treatments, therapeutic modalities, and exercise programs. Examples of conditions we successfully treat include repetitive strain, postural dysfunction, and headaches often found in the workplace.

Topics we could cover and tailor towards your employees include but are not limited to:

  • What is Athletic Therapy and how it can help your employees
  • Proper desk posture and office ergonomics
  • Exercises/stretches to prevent injury in the workplace
  • Weekend warriors and the importance of early injury intervention

We have held Lunch &Learn’s for a variety of companies and organizations throughout the city of Calgary.


  • How long? As short as 30 minutes to as long as an afternoon!
  • Where? A boardroom or meeting area
  • When? Whenever is best for you!
  • Who will be there? Certified Athletic Therapists
  • Will you show an example of what a treatment would be like? As our regular treatments last anywhere from 45-90 minutes, we can show an abbreviated assessment/treatment.

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