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Why Maintenance Massage?

To some people, hearing that you should book massage regularly throughout the year sounds costly and perhaps unnecessary. What if you're feeling fine right now? If you're not in pain, why go?

5 simple reasons:

  1. You will feel great all throughout the year! Massage helps relieve stress and provides some much needed 'me' time that so many of us don't take.
  2. If you are not in pain when your appointment day arrives, you are being preventative - it should be your goal to get to a point of 'maintenance massage'. This is much more enjoyable than 'get rid of these painful knots that are killing me' massage!
  3. Regular treatments to avoid pain are not only beneficial to yourself, but also those around you. Being able to play with your kids or go to work and be productive without aches and pain can greatly improve your quality of life.
  4. If appointments are booked ahead you can choose the days/times that suit your schedule best!
  5. Booking appointments throughout the year means you skip the craziness of the busy fall season. October through December 31st is always our busiest time of year as people scramble to make use of their benefits and cope with the many stresses of the holiday season.

Think of 'maintenance massage' as a constant investment in your health and well-being. You can avoid pain, avoid injury, and keep Tylenol/Advil doses to a minimum by regularly investing in this natural healthcare.

Cheers to feeling great!

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