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Terry Oleksow

Terry's massage career began in 1987. With the 88 Winter Olympics a year away, he chose to take a highly regarded program from the Sports Massage Training Institute of Costa Mesa CA, that was organized for Alberta therapists by AMTA. Much of his practicum was spent working with international athletes as they trained and competed at new facilities in Calgary, Nakiska and Canmore. Locally, he found the profile of sports massage was raised with the reputation it gained from athletes at World Cup events and the Olympics. As a direct result, Terry enjoyed the opportunity to work seasonally with Team Canada (Hockey) from 1988-91.

Terry's sports massage experience and continuing training have helped him learn to recognize myofascial pain patterns that often develop after injuries, overtraining or from posture and strain in workplace environments. His techniques are effective for treating myofascial restrictions and muscle imbalances which can result in pain and restricted movement. Easily adaptable for any fitness level, he integrates Myofascial Release, Trigger Point therapy, PNF stretching, strain/counter-strain, as well as other remedial massage techniques, into his treatments. Each treatment is specifically focused to address the needs of the individual. He is also a registered provider with Veteran Affairs Canada.

Terry loves travelling, biking and hiking and likes to experience the outdoors, especially in Kananaskis, Hawaii and the Pacific northwest. He always enjoys comparing notes about favorite travel destinations or bike trails.

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