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Approximately 10 years ago a reoccurring lower back injury brought me into Alpine Sport Therapy. Working long hours in the landscaping industry did not make things any better. At times, a simple task such as brushing my teeth, or bending over to pick something up, would cause painful spasms across my entire lower back, which led to the muscles in my lower back tightening up and severely limiting my range of motion. Choosing Alpine Sport Therapy was an easy decision since they were located, at the time, in the same building where I lived. Still, I was a little hesitant to have someone start working on my back. That all changed after a few visits with Kristin. Kristin took the time to listen to what my problems and concerns were, and she put together a program that helped me feel more at ease. Unfortunately, due to my workload, my job took priority, so when I started feeling better, I stopped going and up to two-and-a-half years ago I would go only when my back would have spasms. I now know that was a mistake on my part. It wasn't until I had another flareup two-and-a-half years ago that I took my lower back problem more seriously. Since I felt comfortable with Kristin, I gave her a call to set up another appointment. That is when I met Jenna. Jenna, like Kristin, took the time to get to know my injury and the problems it was causing in my daily life. I have been seeing Jenna on a fairly consistent basis now for two-and-a-half years. She is very knowledgeable in how the body moves and works. She has put together an exercise and core strengthening program for me that, coupled with her spinal and hip flexor manipulation treatments has made a difference in my life. My range of motion and quality of life has greatly improved because of the work I receive from Jenna. She has been in touch with my family doctor keeping her informed, and has worked with Physiotherapists and a Kinesiologist that I have seen in the past. Jenna has also recommended other forms of therapy that might be beneficial for me. Jenna is very dedicated to the well-being of her clients, and it shows in her work ethic. I would highly recommend Alpine Sport Therapy to anyone who has a lower back injury.

Michael T.

Kudos to Katie and the team at Alpine. I came to Alpine shortly after seriously damaging the muscles and ligaments of my right shoulder. I was in constant pain and had limited right arm mobility. The medical prognosis was for a two year limited recovery. Katie put together a treatment plan. Over several months with her regular treatments and at home exercises the pain was substantially reduced and strength and mobility returned. Thanks to Katie and the Alpine team I have resumed my active retirement.


I have been going to Alpine Sport Therapy for almost 10 years and I am a grateful client of both massage therapists, Jason and Bryan. I have had different health issues over the years, and both have approached my issues with compassion, consideration and a genuine concern to help me back to health! I am very thankful to have had them as part of my health care team for all these years. I appreciate how they are so willing to work and communicate with athletic therapists, physiotherapist, physicians and other health care professionals to make sure we are all on the same page. The atmosphere and positive energy that is part of the whole team at Alpine Sport Therapy does not go unnoticed – it is top notch all the way! Thanks for all you do!


When I moved to Calgary just over a decade ago, I was recommended Alpine by a loyal, long-time fellow client to continue with my sport massages. Since then, I have been seeing Bryan regularly to help me with occasional sprains and strains, keeping me moving with an old back injury, and helping with my overall well-being. His knowledge is incredible and really has a phenomenal understanding of how my normal activities (and changes to weather), can be impacting the tightness or pain that I am feeling that day. I also appreciated when I injured my rotator cuff a few years back that Bryan and Kristin were able to work in tandem to ensure that my treatments for massage and athletic therapies also aligned, which helped me get back onto the golf course with as little downtime as possible!

The team is fantastic, when Bryan is on vacation or if I can't make it in when he is working (as I business travel at least two weeks/month), there is always another great therapist who can jump in and continue my treatment regime, or they try to fit me in! Really appreciated as my travel schedule can change last minute!

I really can't say enough about the fantastic service, genuine caring, and depth of knowledge the Alpine team has! I have recommended them to many and appreciate their support in keeping me at my best!

Helen C.

I’ve been seeing Kristin, Bryan, Jason, Shannon, Jenna and other practitioners at Alpine Sport Therapy since 2003. I’ve done a lot of sports since then, like running, soccer, skiing (alpine and nordic), mountain biking, cyclocross racing, weight training and yoga and they can take a toll on the body! I know I can trust the massage team to work out my kinks when I’m in maintenance mode - I’ve tried other massages, but these really are the best in the city. I can trust the Athletic Therapists to fix me when I’ve injured myself acutely (like in a bike crash) or have chronic pain (like tight hips), and even non sport-related trauma like a car accident. I feel they know me and my body, and can get me pain-free in FEWER than FIVE sessions. I recommend them highly and wouldn’t go anywhere else!

G. Sebulsky

My name is Paul Miller and I'm a senior marathoner who runs three to five marathons a year, usually in the top 20% of my age class and top 35-40% overall. This April I will be running my 6th Boston Marathon, so I do take it seriously. Injuries are unfortunately part of this game, and I have come to rely on Jenna and Bryan at Alpine to put me back together again. The exercise and stretching routines that I do daily are a result of Jenna's coaching. I sincerely believe that my running career would be over if it wasn't for her. As I age, things break and tear and wear down. I know one day I will have to stop, but until then, I know Jenna will fix me up. All the staff is helpful, and the personnel take a unified approach to a client's healing with Athletic Therapy and Massage Therapy working together.

P. Miller

I am so very impressed with Alpine Sport Therapy and their Concussion Management Program. I not only have experienced a severe concussion, I come from a Neurology background. Alpine is quick to respond keeping coaches/trainers/parents in the loop and are second to none. At the beginning of the season they have flexibility to see many people at once and still catch all the singles that need to be done before contact begins.

I am most impressed at how quickly and efficiently they reply when a player is flagged at the sidelines. The turnaround time from injury to assessment is almost immediate and it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is. They let them know not only how they did, but where they didn’t do well. Alpine are very specific in the return to play protocols, and take the guess work out of how much is too much. They have their own facility that is available to start the return to play process. Alpine is the go to for Concussion Management with Bantam Football and now the Calgary Rage of the WWCFL. I have only one complaint about Alpine, I wish they would have been there when I was injured.

-Twyla M.

Calgary Rage

I was diagnosed with bursitis in my hip and sent for a cortisone shot by my medical doctor. I suffered a bad reaction to that shot (that, in retrospect, I shouldn't have gone for in the first place) and was in a lot of pain when referred to Kristin at Alpine Sports Therapy. I confess to being a bit intimidated at going to a sports therapy clinic as I am not an elite athlete (okay, let's face it, I'm not an athlete of any description). I have been treated with respect and concern and from the first appointment I began to experience relief. Kristin and Jenna have made torture fun ... just don't roll your eyes at them.

-C. Chomick

The great staff and personalized rehab program at Alpine Sport Therapy has allowed me to resume the activities I enjoy. I did not think it was possible after living with many years of pain. Thanks for making me laugh along the way.

- E. Dahlin-Juilfs

I found Alpine Sport Therapy after exhausting all other therapies for a persistent calf injury. I was immediately impressed by the attention to the cause of the injury as well as the therapy and exercises necessary to heal the injury. After a few visits to the Athletic Therapist, my calf finally began to heal. I was able to resume all normal activity, including long distance running. I have returned to the Athletic Therapist when I notice muscle imbalances/irritations from my activities, and will continue to do so. Alpine Sport Therapy is now the only place I call when I need a tune up and I recommend them to everyone I know!

-M. Mills

I have worked with Shannon for the past year. I am an elite ultra-endurance mountain bike racer, and when I went to Shannon last year I had knee pain and was scared that I had to get surgery and destroy my season. Shannon went to work on my legs and was able to stretch and fix ALL the issues that were causing my pain. I went on to the best race season I have ever had, including becoming the National Xterra Dualthon Champion and placing third in the Trans Rockies. Everyone at Alpine has be so helpful. I highly recommend it to everyone I can!

-H. Peschl

I trained hard and was very excited about running the inaugural Tinkerbell Half Marathon at Disneyland in January 2012. Two weeks before race day I sustained a second degree ankle sprain when I slipped on a wet floor in my office building. I began immediate and focused athletic therapy with Kristin to see if I could get to a point where I could at least walk the half marathon. Kristin's program and time with me was so successful that not only was I able to go to Disneyland for the event, but I also ran the entire 21.1 kilometers! Best of all I experienced no residual ankle issues and continued my active lifestyle afterward as if nothing had happened.

-C. Mack-Granger

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